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A. Whitney Brown - American Comedian

Al Bundy (TV Show Married with Children) - American TV Character

Albert Einstein - German Physicist

Albert King - American Blues Guitarist

Alison Boulter - N/A N/A

Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce - American Journalist

Anonymous - Unkown Unkown

Arnold Schwarzenegger - German Bodybuilder, Actor

Art Buchwald - American Humorist

Benjamin Franklin - America Founding Father

Bill Gullickson - American Major League Baseball Pitcher

Charles M. Schulz - American Cartoonist

Charles Stross - British Writer

Charlotte Whitton - Canadian Feminist

Clinton Thomas - NA NA - Canadian Website

Dave Barry - American Author

David Letterman - American Comedian

Doug Larson - American Journalist

Douglas Adams - English Writer

Dr. Milton Erickson - American Psychiatrist

Drew Carey - American Actor

Edgar Bergen - American Actor

Edward A. Murphy (Murphy's Law) - American Aerospace Engineer

Emil Cioran - Romanian Writer

Emo Philips - American Entertainer

Eric Morecambe - English Comedian

Erma Bombeck - American Humorist

Frank Sinatra - American Singer and Film Actor

Frank Zappa - American Guitarist

Fred Allen - American Comedian

Full House - American TV Show

George Burns - American Comedian

George Carlin - American Comedian

George W. Bush - American 43rd U.S. President

Grant McKay - NA NA

Groucho Marx - American Comedian

Helen Giangregorio - N/A N/A

Helen Rowland - American Humorist

Henny Youngman - British-American Comedian

Henry Louis Mencken - German/American Journalist

Jack Handey - American Humorist

Jacques Deval - French Playwright

Jade Lebea - N/A N/A

Jerry Garcia - American Musician

Jim Carey - American Actor

Joey Adams - American Comedian

John Gotti - American Mobster

John Peer - N/A N/A

Jordan Murray - N/A N/A

June Henderson - N/A N/A

Katherine Gaskin - N/A N/A

Kevin Garnett - American Basketball Player

Leonard Brandwein - N/A N/A

Lily Tomlin - American Actress

Louis Hector Berlioz - French Composer

Marilyn Monroe - American Actress

Mark Twain - American Author, Humorist

Maryon Pearson - N/A N/A

Melanie Griffith - American Actress

Mike Binder - American Director

Morgan Wallace - American Actor

Naked Gun (Movie) - American Movie

Noah Monteiro - NA NA

Ogden Nash - American Poet

Oscar Wilde - Irish Writer

P.D. East - N/A N/A

Pablo Picasso - Spanish Painter

Paddy O'Dea - N/A N/A

Paul Fix - American Film Character

Peter Kaye - English Football Player

Rastko Zakic - Serbia Writer

Reba McEntire - American Singer

Rita Rudner - American Comedian

Robert Bloch - American Writer

Robert Kiyosaki - American Author

Ronnie Shakes - American Comedian

Salvador Dali - Spanish Painter

Sam Levenson - American Humorist

Savannah Highnote - NA NA

Sigmund Freud - Austrian Neurologist

Simpsons - TV Cartoon

Socrates - Greek Philosopher

Steven Alexander Wright - American Comedian

Steven Wright - American Comedian

Tom Goins - N/A N/A

Valeriu Butulescu - Romanian NA

Violet Matters - NA NA

Walter Bagehot - British Businessman

William Charles Dement - American Sleep Researcher

Winston Churchill - British Politician

Woody Allen - American Screenwriter

Yogi Berra - American Major League Baseball Catcher

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